If you've shopped with us before and you're wondering where our regular wholesale website is - we've set up everything on Faire which will make the whole buying process much quicker and easier.  This will also allow us to get the latest products listed and available for wholesale much quicker so you'll have access to new products much sooner than before.

  • S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

    A love of wild places and the call of the outdoors means we're passionate about reducing our waste and behaving in a way that is as environmentally responsible as possible. We're not in the business of fast. Our collections are considered and designed to be timeless. 

    We are free from single use plastic and use entirely recycled packaging for our orders.

  • E T H I C S

    We care deeply about how our business interacts with the world around us. Your Lucent Studios pieces are made here in our Norwich, UK, studio by our skilled team of jewellers. Furthering careers within the local area and fostering a sense of community with other like-minded businesses around us is a core principle of Lucent Studios.

  • F E M A L E - F O U N D E D

    And female run by our founder, Lucy. Here at Lucent Studios, we're a small company made up mostly of women. Being in the UK, we have the privileged position of having resources readily available to us which enable a female-founded business to flourish and thrive. We want all women, all over the world, to have the same opportunities.