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Lucent Studios

Persephone Simple Gemstone Necklace

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Chain Length

Sweet and petite, these simple faceted gemstone pendants are your go to piece. Wear solo for a minimalist look or perfect for layering with other chains if you're going eclectic!

Choose your stone and chain length to make a necklace that's perfect for you.

Citrine (yellow): Said to be the 'positivity stone', it's like a wearable ray of sunshine.
Jade (green) : brings clarity of thought to facilitate good decision making.
Rose Quartz (pink): A stone of love, said to encourage compassion for yourself and others. 
Amethyst (purple) : Known to bring relaxing vibes, this is a stone to carry when you need some calm.
Aquamarine (blue) :
This pale blue gem is thought to be the stone of bravery and courage.



A delicate gold plated claw pendant holds your choice of gemstone in your choice of chain length. 

Gold plated chain available in 16", 18" or 20" lengths. Gemstone measures approximately 0.5" long.