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Lucent Studios

Magus Chunky Gemstone Bracelet

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Bold and beautiful, our Magus bracelets featured chunky gemstones in Amazonite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz. Perfectly weighty for anyone who wants a little impact for their outfit, these bracelets look ultra dramatic stacked with bangles galore, but equally hold their own alone.  

AMAZONITE (pale green): believed to improve self-confidence and calm emotional turmoil. This is said to be a nurturing and protective gemstone - like a hug! 

RHODONITE (pink and black): The stone of compassion, it's an emotion balancer that nurtures love and good relationship vibes. 

ROSE QUARTZ (pink): believed to encourage unconditional love - both for yourself and your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

AVENTURINE (dark green): this green gem is thought to be the "stone of opportunity" so a great one to carry with you when you need some luck on your side.

Layer with other pieces, or wear solo for instant impact.  


Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes. Each gemstone bead is approximately 1cm round.