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Lucent Studios

Ariadne Sun and Angel Hair Quartz Stud Earrings

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Wake with the dawn with these sunshine filled earrings; a golden sun holding intricate strands of gemstone 'threads', reminiscent of the myth of Ariadne.

RUTILATED QUARTZ (copper hued) - also called Angel Hair Quartz because of the hair like threads captured inside the Quartz, this beautiful stone is said to guide decisive action and clear away unnecessary thoughts. 


Gold plated sun studs hold Angel Hair Quartz pebble stones. Sun measures 1.5cm wide and the Quartz drop is also 1.5cm long.

Gemstone facting! The 'threads' held inside the Quartz get their colour from the amount of Iron Oxide present within the gemstone. The higher the content, the redder the hue becomes. Each Quartz pebble is entirely unique and no two will be the same so please do expect some variances.